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Why advise with InquireOf?

InquireOf helps connect investment professionals with seasoned industry leaders. Network with investors who are exploring your industry.

Advisors on the InquireOf platform:

  • Engage with projects that interest them
  • Set their hourly rate and take home 100% of the fee
  • Expand their professional network as they offer a unique perspective within their industry
  • Secure opportunities that are highly relevant and a beneficial use of everyone’s time
  • Work with clients on a case-by-case basis for ongoing projects 
  • Will never be asked to divulge any confidential or proprietary information
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Why Become an Advisor?

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    Stay Relevant

    You will have the opportunity to discuss your experience, knowledge, and understanding of current trends within your industry.

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    Build Your Network

    You’ve worked hard to develop your expertise over your career. Apply your experience in a new way with investors.

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    Recurring Work

    When a consultation goes well, we take note. We may contact you in the future for another engagement related to your background and experience.

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    Executive Leadership

    At times, our advisors land outside Board of Directors and Operating Partner positions within the firm.

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    Flexible Approach

    While most advisors work with our clients on a short term engagement, there is opportunity for short or long-term consulting.

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    Easy Phone Call

    Most consultations are a one-hour phone call; a brief exchange and not a major investment of your time.

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