About InquireOf
We focus on sourcing industry experts so you can focus on closing the deal

At our core, InquireOf exists to make connections. Specifically connections between investors and industry experts (apologies to anyone who is disappointed this isn’t a dating site).

InquireOf was born over a glass of bourbon between co-founders Kyle Sale and Dave Myers in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Kyle and Dave, who have extensive backgrounds both working with and for private equity, envisioned building a technology platform that removes the barriers to accessing industry experts while greatly reducing cost.

Investors simply log on, create a deal, and immediately find relevant industry experts to advise on their deal. Investors then easily connect with industry experts within the app and get to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ more quickly - no middle man (or woman) required.

Advisors join the platform for free, tell us about their areas of expertise, set their rate, and then share their knowledge when contacted by an investor. They schedule the calls that interest them at their convenience and take home 100% of their advisor fee. What’s not to like about expanding your network by sharing your hard-earned expertise?

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